Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"HOWLIES are the first Rock 'n' Roll band of the 21st Century. Their debut album TRIPPIN' WITH HOWLIES is right up there with the earliest albums of the Ramones, The Sex pistols & The Trashmen. Howlies are fine actors, too. Imagine an unholy blending of the 3 Stooges and Betty Page. Their live show is: unexpected. Conjure up musical thugs/male cheerleaders running amok in a madhouse rubber room.
TRIPPIN' WITH HOWLIES was recorded in 42 hours at Lo-Fi Studios at the edge of the California desert in Babylon, USA. Maria Baglien engineered, Maria and Howlies mixed, Kim Fowley produced (and I helped on some of the mixes, too). I used my memories of producing adventures with Gene Vincent, Modern Lovers, The Seeds, Blue Cheer and The Runaways to get the noize right. TRIPPIN' WITH HOWLIES is a vinyl-inspired analogue raid on the ProTools present. The end result is: Nightmare Fun in the House of Pleasure.
Come on down to the American Southeast and join 'J.R.', 'Stingray', 'Brango' and '4-C' as they party with the Forces of Evil... in that Forbidden Planet of Inner Space. The Casanovas of Cabbagetown will blow your mind and change your life!
Rock on, people! The change has finally come."

--Kim Fowley

8/26 The Howlies w/ Surprise Guests And The Moneynotes
10pm - $6 - 21+

Don't forget PANKED! Tomorrow!! Yes the boogie, oh the boogie.

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