Monday, April 20, 2009

THESE UNITED STATES this Thursday! 4/23!

Bandleader Jesse Elliott’s casual croon careens more often towards a yearning yelp – desperate times, you know? – as his merry gang of Obviously Five Believers vamp all piss and vinegar, hoot and holler, multi-instrumental mischief and sly saloon smiles.

Take a listen to These United States here. And GO download the free tracks from their Daytrotter session here and here! AND more free downloads. Click it.

TREESAP (feat'g members of Cabinet and Lewis & Clarke) - 9:30
A unique bunch playing a unique blend of bluegrass, swing and appalachian hunting music. Nobody ever knows how many of them will show up.

We're also going to have a special surprise guest sneak a set in there. Stay tuned.

Music @ 9:30 / $5 / $1 miller light drafts 9 to 11 / also fun

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